ust a short hop from Angel Tube & you will come across Filthy Macnastys, a real pub for real people. People that like their booze & know what they want. From ancient Irish sages who trek across London for a pint of Guinness to the know it all musos & young would be pop kids & starlets of next year (or even last) all hoping to rub shoulders with a musical hero & each other, everyone here drinks with purpose.

As the name may suggest, drinkers of whiskey will not be disappointed & should keep an eye out for special 'one off' bottles of whisky that 'don't hang around forever'.

But the revolution does not end there!

The Filthy gang are the same people that brought us The Smersh Bar - the original Absinth Shot bar of Shoreditch and a hint of this can be seen within the range of drinks from the eye watering Boru Vodka (In homage to Lenin, who reputedly drank here in 1905) to the fabulous Polish Siwucha (vodka made the old way) and for the really adventurous there is always the Czech Absinth, Irish Poteen or Honey Vodka.

Walk through to the back bar on the right night & you can sense that something may be happening & that whatever's happening, may be tomorrow's news. But then again it may be just another great night of FREE music, comedy, spoken word or even an evening with the legendary Jake Rodriguez (see events), you have been warned!

Filthy MacNasty's literary events are legendary & the tradition continues.

Past events include readings from Irvine Welsh, Roddy Doyle, Ken Kesey, John Cale, Howard Marks, Paolo Hewitt, Patrick McCabe & many more. Second to none for character & atmosphere along with the ubiquitous Guinness of course Filthy's is the first stop for the international boozerati. Past & present Filthy boozers include Nick Cave, Johnny Depp, Shane McGowan & Pete Libertine, (who's been known to dive behind the bar 'for old times sake').

From book & record launches, cult films & comedy to poetry and open mic, the back bar provides a short cut to the next big thing in town. On a cold Wednesday evening you might find, a musical legend, a rock god, or your childhood hero strumming out a tune or two at Busking For Beers. These impromptu free gigs, as well as showcasing new talent, have recently seen The Alabama 3, The Libertines, the Spizz, The Vipers & Tom Hingley playing to a sweaty room You never know who will be drinking next to you.

See you at the bar.